Hello to all my SSES friends! I miss seeing you at school, but hope that you are still reading and learning.

I am lucky to have  my dog, Harper, to keep me company. She can't read, but she loves to listen to stories and learn! I'll be

t that many of you have a pet at home to keep you company and listen to you read. Do you remember all of the cute pictures we shared last year of us reading to our pets?

We are very lucky that pets like dogs, cats, bunnies, and hamsters are not endangered species.

Do you know what an endangered species is?

To learn about this topic, just click on SSES Databases in the blue box on the top left side of this page. Then, click on Britannica School Edition and search for endangered species.

There is some really cool information to read and videos to watch.
Imagine what it would be like if these animals were no longer here.
Bengal Tiger.png

 After learning about endangered species, maybe you will want to learn about extinct species. Imagine if some of these animals were still here!

Happy learning!
Ms. Mammone